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Wallbarn - Looking for a Lightweight Green Roof that holds more water?

Living roofs don't always work, they can be too heavy or perish due to lack of water

What if you could reduce the weight, increase the water retention and have a thriving green roof!

Aquaten - The Engineered Solution to Living Roofs

Aquaten can be installed into any green roof solution, reducing the amount of substrate you need and avoiding expensive irrigation systems.

Aquaten Living Roof Plus is proprietary technology which holds over 2000% of its mass in water, significantly reducing run-off.

It can be combined with a green roof to mimic a natural and ecological urban habitat whilst it's ability to retain water provides a reservoir for plants when they need it.

I think this could be a great addition to your product range and would welcome the opportunity to discuss it further.

Aquaten can reduce labour costs; reduce substrate requirements; reduce weight; and reduce logistics.

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