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Delta Membrane Systems - Counting on Köster

Easy application to the most complex of architectural details is promised with Köster 21 – a two-component, solvent-free, multiple use crack bridging waterproofing coating from Delta Membrane Systems.

This elastic, crack-bridging waterproofing material offers excellent adhesion to dry and moist substrates and – being liquid applied – it creates a seamless coating around difficult or complicated detailing.

Applied in two coats by brush, roller, trowel or other customary masons’ tools, it is supplied in 20kg containers which gives a coverage of about 8 to 10m˛. It is suitable for internal or external application, and has a white finish that reflects sunlight and reduces building surface temperatures.

Other benefits include resistance to occasional foot traffic, aging, hydrolysis, frost and salt. It also seals against synthetic oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons with high boiling points.

Köster 21 is for the positive side waterproofing of basements, concrete slabs, in tanks, on flat roofs, underneath tiles, on terraces or balconies, and similar applications. It bonds well to a wide variety of substrates, including: masonry, concrete, screed, PVC, metal, and bitumen.

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