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Newton Waterproofing Systems - Press Release

Waterproofing A Media Screen
Newton Waterproofing Systems and Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Trace Basements designed an installed a waterproofing solution for the Arndale Centre 6m x 20m digital screen.

This project was highly complex, as the digital screen needed to be recessed into the building and fully weatherproofed. Newton 201 Acriflex Winter waterproof coating and Newton Floorgum Paint protective coating were used as the waterproofing solution.

Project Details
A 6m x 20m digital screen was being installed to the West Elevation of the Arndale Centre, Manchester. Behind the screen was a walkway where shoppers could look out through the glass and to the street below. This project was highly complex, as the digital screen needed to be recessed into the building and fully weatherproofed.

The Structural Engineers Eckersley O’Callaghan spoke to Ian Simpson Architects who recommended that the client MediaCo contact the designers of the Apple Store in New York for a solution. They designed a screen which could be attached onto the glazing behind. This involved the removal of four rows of glass panels, and designing a bespoke bracket to recess the screen into the building.

This complex design meant that the area behind the screen would become an external area and the thermal line of the structure would be broken. Eckersley O'Callaghan produced a performance specification document which recommended constructing a C-section comprised of floor, walls and ceiling to enclose the area and asked Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Trace Basements to design and install it.

Trace installed a timber wall insulated with mineral wool insulation. The wet face of the wall was constructed in ply to the soffits and the floor was designed using plastic coated timber board and ply. Trace Basements applied two coats of Newton Acriflex Winter waterproof liquid membrane and Newton Floorgum Paint waterproof protective coating, with AngleJoint tape throughout, to weatherproof the entire structure.

Newton 201 Acriflex Winter and Newton Floorgum Paint were the ideal solutions for this complex project.

"We could not have successfully completed this project without a flexible and proactive contractor, able to continuously deliver results under pressure in what were often difficult working conditions. When issues arose Trace assisted wherever they could, including where those issues did not fall directly within their remit" – Joe Arshed, MediaCo

Client: MediaCo
Structural Engineers: Eckersley O'Callaghan
Newton Specialist Basement Contractors: Trace Basements

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