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Newton Waterproofing - Newton Basedrain

Most commonly used as the core drainage system within Newton System 500, the product is being updated in-line with the requirements of the industry.

The new Newton Basedrain and Floordrain channels are drilled on multiple sides for improved drainage.

Ever since its introduction in March 2001 as the first commercially available, specifically designed perimeter drainage channel for basement waterproofing, Newton Basedrain has remained completely unchanged.

Since then, ancillaries such as Newton Floordrain, pre-formed corner pieces, and easy access inspection ports have all been introduced in order to expand and improve upon the System 500 capabilities, but the core product has remained the same.

In September 2015, Newton Fibran XPS 500-C closed cell insulated spacer was introduced, which has a grooved underside designed to disperse water should any arrive on top of the slab within the spacer zone.

Development and Improvement

It therefore became apparent that we needed to redesign the Newton Basedrain and Floordrain such that water from beneath the Fibran XPS 500-C boards can more easily enter the drainage channels. To facilitate this, Newton are happy to announce that our Basedrain and Floordrain channels now have 18mm holes drilled in both sides of the profile, as well as to the top surface, so that on-site drilling of these recommended holes is no longer required.

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