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Warehome Mews, Grand Designs Basement Remediation, performed by Newton Specialist Contractor MJ Rooney

The Project
A young couple building their dream first home - and filmed by Channel 4's Grand Designs - fell foul of rogue contractors when their site became a basement disaster. Excavations performed contrary to the Structural Engineer's instructions resulted in the banks falling in beneath the street, whilst the shutters burst inwards under the weight of the compacted concrete. When the site was left in this condition, Newton recommended MJ Rooney to take on one of the trickiest challenges in their 30 years.

The Solution
In order to construct a waterproof and guaranteed basement, MJ Rooney first had to secure the 3.5 metre high bank of unsupported earth. Once this had been achieved with sheet piles, a new and safe structural shell of reinforced concrete was created and the first 'Type A' Newton systems were installed in the form of Newton 104 crystalline waterproofing, and Newton 106 FlexProof over the joints.

On a tiny project where the client was seeking Passivhaus status, MJ Rooney's designers created a bespoke waterproofing solution using 4D modelling in order to accommodate the client's unique design for a suspended reinforced concrete slab that acted as both a floor and a prop force against the lateral pressure coming from the basement walls. The design removed the potential cold bridge between the walls and slab, and at the same time turned the slab into a thermal mass that would help to maintain constant internal temperatures.

Finally, the 'Type C' Newton System 500 cavity drainage membranes were installed, fulfilling the BS 8102:2009 requirement for combined waterproofing. This was supported by a bespoke sump system with dual CP250 pumps, as no dedicated sump was formed by the first contractor.

The Result Not only reviving the clients' dream home from disastrous beginnings, MJ Rooney also provided complete waterproofing protection as well as contributing towards one of the smallest passive houses in the world.

The Products

Crystalline waterproofing applied to the surface of concrete to protect against the movement of water through capillaries and hairline cracks.

Highly flexible and extremely advanced single-component membrane that can handle severe building movement and deformations.

The professionals' waterproofing system of choice, this internal and fully maintainable system is ideal for new build or refurbished basements, utilising floor and wall membranes, fixing plugs, sealing tapes, drainage channels, insulation boards, and sump and pump chambers.

Applied to concrete surfaces prior to System 500 installation, 906 prevents the leaching of 'free lime' from the concrete.

Used with the Titan-Pro White, these high quality clean water pumps are ideally suited for removing groundwater from basements and cellars.

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