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Timberwise - From a Leaky Basement to further living space in Leeds


When a family with a property in West Yorkshire decided that they needed extra space for their growing brood, they craved a new kitchen, utility room and WC - and, working closely with the client, Timberwise helped turn their plans into the extra space that they longed for.

The Waterproofing Solution Methodology

Timberwise Waterproofing Design Specialists recommended a Type C waterproofing system, this consists of cavity drain membrane which is internally applied to the basement walls and floors. To protect the floor an insulated moisture resistant floating floor is installed. This enables carpet or other floor coverings to be laid without fear of moisture spoiling the furnishings.

It is essential that Timberwise's Cavity Drain Membrane is used in conjunction with a pumping station. The pumping station contains pumps to remove any water and is placed in the lowest part of the customer's basement.

As the chamber fills with water, the pumps operate. The sump pump drives the water out of the chamber along pipework to a suitable drain off point.

New internal walls were created to form the 3 separate areas along with new plumbing and electrics. Finally, plastering was carried out on the walls and ceilings allowing the client to then have the kitchen fitted and the decorating completed.

Contact our Residential Waterproofing Specialists

You can trust Timberwise to provide you with the right basement waterproofing systems to solve your damp basement problem. Don't hesitate to contact Timberwise by calling on 0800 288 8660 or you can request a visit from one of our Waterproofing Design Specialists online.

A survey through Timberwise will allow our waterproofing contractors to be able to identify the full extent of the problem and determine whether further basement solutions may be necessary for your property.

For further information contact Timberwise at

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